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My struggle with acne

   I am 24 years old and for more than 10 years I have been struggling with acne. A year ago it was even worse than during my teenage years, because the skin does not heal as fast as it used to so my face was not only full of pimples but also full with ugly acne scars. I made many mistakes before I finally found the cause of my acne. Now my only problem is to find a way how to get rid of reddish scars covering my face, later I will think about removing deep scars.
   My acne story
   When I was 12 or 13 my acne started to appear on my face. I didn't worry much because I didn't think much about looks then. But after a few years the problem was a sand in the eye. There were some periods when my skin looked really nice, but I didn't think about going to a dermatologist when my skin really needed it. I remember thanks to green tea my skin looked very nice for about half a year but later the problem came back like a bumerang. Without make up I didn't want to go out at all, I had no confidence and didn't like being the centre of attention. Acne can really destroy one's social life and you will never understand it unless you experience it on your own skin. So finally, I was 21 and I was working, earning my own money. I decided to get rid of acne and went to a dermatologist. She prescribed me antibiotics treatment (which lasted three months-I can't tell you how much I regret it. Later I learnt how many side effects of such treatments there are) and some face creams which caused irritation and redness of my facial skin. Cutting a long story short- I spent a lot of money buying new creams every month which didn't work for me at all and destroyed my immune system. My face looked even worse. Since that timeI have been an enemy of conventional medicine.
    I started to look for some natural treatments, read blogs, books on health. Step by step  I found the causes of my acne. And before I found it out, 2,5 years passed. Nevertheless, I am happy and I would like to share it with you. Maybe some of you will find my tips interesting and helpful
1. Your diet
   We are what we eat. Junk food, spices, dairy products or gluten may cause your skin problems. Try not eating one type of food for one or two weeks and observe your skin. For me the clue problem was gluten- when I stopped eating products containing gluten my skin looks much better. For you it might be dairy products or spices.
2. Skin care
   The less cosmetics, the better. Now I use only aloe vera gel for day and no cream for night. Aloe vera helps the skin to heal faster. I stopped touching face and don't let my hair loose. If you have to you can put make up but always clean your skin before going to bed
3. Try to get rid of skin obsession
   I know how it is to look in the mirror 100 times a day, to squeeze all my pimples and irritate my skin wwith touch and nails. This will not help you to get rid of the problem. Try not to think so much about your skin.
   Not much, isn't it? For me it helped, and I had really terrible acne. Now my only problem is acne scars. For two weeks I have been using cinnamon peeling and I can observe a slight change.
I will post an update after some time. See you

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